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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Nervión Plaza we are very aware of the importance of sustainability, which is why we link the development of our activity to improving the well-being of the environment in which we find ourselves, both socially and environmentally. This is the basis of our CSR strategy.

Saving water and energy is a priority, which is why we are working to implement policies and processes that lead us to less and less consumption, which has allowed us to reduce water consumption by 40% and electricity consumption by 30% in just one year, or recycling 500 tons of cardboard in just 4 years.

This sustainability strategy, focused on the rationalization of resources, as well as the choice of sustainable materials for the construction of new areas in the shopping center, has culminated in obtaining the BREEAM certification of sustainable buildings, with a Very Good result at the end of 2022.

The other pillar of our strategy is the commitment to the people around us. We collaborate with local entities and associations that work with the most disadvantaged groups, with a special focus on children. We also carry out actions with schools to promote a culture or healthy lifestyle habits. We frequently give spaces to non-profit entities so that dissemination activities or fundraising for different causes can be carried out.

In short, it is about launching initiatives that help improve the environment in which we live and carry out our activity, beyond the economic engine that a space of these characteristics represents.

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