1.Makeup No Makeup Look: natural effect on the skin

It is the favorite makeup of those who do not like to wear a lot of makeup or dark or striking colors. It is also a trend that is increasingly seen on red carpets, creating a “washed face” effect. How is it achieved? With very light and luminous bases, concealer and pink and coral tones for the cheeks and lips. This is a timeless trend that makes the skin look healthy and natural.
Maybelline New York Concealer, Primor // Astra Blush, Aromas

2.Latte Make and Matcha Makeup

If you like to take risks with your makeup and give color to your eyes, this is your trend. On the one hand, we are talking about earthy, brown colors reminiscent of coffee, and on the other, green colors, not very striking, ash greens, hence its name Matcha Makeup. The rest of the face is made up with nude tones that will focus on the eyes, the shadows applied, the eyeliner and mascaras.

Shadow palette, Yves Rocher // Eye shadow, Yves Rocher

3.Coquette Makeup

The flirty trend has also reached makeup. At its core, it is about embracing the childlike sweetness of female childhood. The main color cannot be other than pink, however, it is important that they are light pink tones. We will take this to the gloss and the blushes. We must avoid making the features look hard or very marked.
Gloss, Flomar // Maybelline New York Cream Blush, Primor

4.Glowy skin

The finishes glowy In makeup we will see them throughout spring 2024 and we even dare to say that they will reach summer. It consists of achieving a juicy finish on the skin, which gives it a lot of luminosity. It will also be the protagonist on the lips, where the gloss with glitter they will be an essential for a trendy girl However, if your skin is oily, matte finishes will suit you more, especially on the skin.

Illuminator, Flomar

5. Doll eyelashes

This latest trend focuses on eyelashes. They will wear extra-long eyelashes, but especially the lower eyelashes, thus imitating the eyelashes of dolls: long, curved and a little dramatic. To carry it out, an essential product will be mascara. waterproof, to prevent everyday life from ending with this finish.

Bourjois Waterproof Mascara, Aromas
If you want to join some of these trends, come to Nervión Plaza and get all the cosmetic products necessary to achieve 10 makeup.


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