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You are going to enter the Alex's room, who is a boy your age, has not been feeling well for some time but does not understand what is happening to him and why it is happening. 

Through social networks, the lives of others always seem better than one's own: they seem happier, they have more friends, better vacations... and these feelings can generate a lot of frustration. However, These are emotions necessary for daily life., whenever Learn to identify them and know how to manage them.

Through this immersive experience, we will delve into the normal thoughts of a teenager, their fears and concerns, and we will learn how to identify when they start to not be normal and how to manage those situations. Adolescence is a key period in development of a person and have someone by your side who asks you, listens to you and cares about you with a simple "And how are you?" can heal. 

Álex's room will be open in Nervión Plaza so that the youngest people understand the importance of talking about your feelings and asking others about theirs.

LOCATION: First floor of the shopping center.
DATE: From March 20 to 23

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