With the change of season, not only our wardrobe transforms, but also our diet. We are starting to crave other types of dishes that we were running away from and how in fashion, we are invaded by recipes with orange and brown tones that comfort our palate after a long day of work.
At Nervión Plaza we have all those dishes that you are dying to try again, in our restaurants, here we go!:
This dish, which you will find on the menu in the “Antipasti” section, contains roasted vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, red and green pepper, green asparagus and cherry tomatoes. All of these accompanied by gratin provolone cheese. In addition to being a hot dish with seasonal vegetables, it is accompanied by garlic bread, a very autumnal element (to scare away vampires, you know).
The ULTIMATE FRIDAYS™ SIGNATURE BURGER is an autumnal 100% burger. The tones of the caramelized onion, mayonnaise, whiskey sauce and different cheeses remind us of the leaves of the trees, the sunsets in the city,...

Don Benjumea's roasted carrot cream is the ideal dish for this season, full of flavor. Creams in general are associated with the cold and protection from it, and are desirable both for dinners and as starters in your meals.
And finally, as it could not be otherwise, we have to enjoy a good dessert such as this chocolate and caramel cake from VIPS. In autumn we leave ice creams, smoothies and cold shakes behind and we become passionate about cakes again. 
If you liked everything you have read and you are left wanting more, redeem the offer that you will find in the shopping center's APP: A €10 voucher for a drink over €15!
If you want to know more about this visit the following link: https://nervionplaza.com/promociones/descuento-restaurante

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