In summer every year we look for ways to cool off and make our holidays special, so we are going to present ways to make your week cooler and more fun than ever, and without leaving the city!
Start the week preparing a delicious pasta salad, this recipe offers many options depending on tastes. It can be seasoned with olive oil or mayonnaise, and anything from fruit to nuts, including vegetables or tortillas can be added. Important! If you make the recipe in the morning and take it to the fridge, by lunchtime it will be cold and ready to be devoured.
In the afternoon, take advantage of Monday to visit an exhibition that you have not seen. On many occasions Seville offers a wide range of exhibitions that we are unaware of, with a quick search on the Internet we will find some very interesting ones that will make us spend a different and fun afternoon. An example is the Mummies of Egypt exhibition or the “Nikola Tesla” exhibition for science lovers.
The recipe to enjoy on Tuesday is a good salmorejo or gazpacho, depending on taste. This dish never goes out of style and is a summer classic, it is full of flavor and super refreshing. In addition, as in the pasta salad, you can add ingredients such as ham cubes, donuts, hard-boiled eggs or cucumber.
Great plan to spend the afternoon: go to the movies. Enjoy with your friends the mk2 rooms in our shopping center and choose the movie that you like the most from the billboard, are you more of horror, thriller, comedy, romantic comedy? Do not forget some good popcorn to close a round Tuesday, and fresh!

Prepare a good mushroom risotto on Wednesday: rice, mushrooms, onion, chicken broth, Parmesan, basil and tatán! You will taste a recipe from an authentic chef.
Before nightfall, take advantage and walk along the Guadalquivir river. Relax and enjoy the sunset, you can do it alone and give yourself time, or with a group of friends. It is also an ideal plan to do as a couple.

Today's recipe is potato and avocado salad! It is an easy, fast and very fresh dish for hot summer days. With four potatoes, two spring onions and two avocados, you have Thursday's meal resolved. Like pasta salad, it's best if you leave it in the fridge before eating.
Thursday can end in a special way by making a night visit to the city. These types of visits are very common in summer because they make us escape the heat and discover enclaves of Seville from another point of view. Some examples are the already famous dramatized nocturnal visits in the Alcázar of Seville or the visits to the roof of the Cathedral of Seville.

The weekend has arrived and that deserves a special recipe: eel and prawn salad. This is a warm salad and it gives us the opportunity to mix many ingredients that we have in our kitchen. Apart from eels and prawns, to carry out this recipe you need lettuce, strawberries, oranges and nuts. An explosion of color and flavor that you will love.
Do you want to see the Aurora Borealis in Seville? Very easy, go up to the viewpoint of the Mushrooms of Seville in the Plaza de la Encarnación at night and catch a glimpse of the light show that simulates the Aurora Borealis. In addition, the ticket includes an immersive activity and access to the entire 360º viewpoint of the city.
Start Saturday by preparing a great dish that everyone will love: potato omelette stuffed with ham and cheese. This recipe is a twist on the typical tortilla that we have all tried, the ham and cheese make it juicier, like a sandwich.
End Saturday treating yourself and visiting our stores. In Nervión Plaza you will have stores of all kinds within reach, men's and women's fashion, sportswear, clothes for the little ones in the house, the most viral beauty products on social networks,... You can also take advantage and have a good snack.

Sunday is for many the saddest day of the week, so it is important to turn it around! After spending the whole week cooking, take the license to order some food at home and enjoy it under the air conditioning or fan in your house. Don't forget to recycle the wrappers and bags where they bring your lunch.
There is no better plan to end the week than to rest and catch up on series and movies. The day is very long and you will also have a space to start one of those books that hook you and you cannot stop reading. Some of the books that are succeeding this summer are: "The wind knows my name" by Isabel Allende, "The Baroness" by Nieves Herrero, "Everything I know about love" by Dolly Alderton or "The Gypsy Bride" by Carmen Cool.
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