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All our trips have something in common: to pack. This task can sometimes seem tedious and we often fear that we might forget something important that we are going to need. For this reason we leave you the infallible tips to make your perfect suitcase.
Leaving aside that it depends a lot on the destination of the trip, the time of the trip and the capacity of the suitcase, The first thing you should do is a check list of what you need to bring. Write down everything that occurs to you and then do a good review so that you do not forget anything essential.

Very important! plan your outfits to avoid taking more clothes than necessary and taking up extra space in our suitcase.
Now that we have our list ready, it is time to put things in our suitcase. Start small:
-Store all the bottles (gel, deodorant, shampoo, creams,...) in a vanity bag.
-Do the same with underwear, keep it in a vanity case or a bag so that they do not "disappear" throughout the suitcase.
Mr. Wonderful.
Now that we have the toiletry bags ready, start putting away the clothes. Better to roll or fold? When clothes are rolled up, they take up less space, but there are clothes that tend to wrinkle too much, therefore: Roll only cotton clothes! On the contrary, fold delicate or rigid clothes like shirts, jackets... and prevent them from going to the bottom where they have a lot of weight on them.
advice, take advantage of the corners so that there is no wasted space, so you will be getting the most out of your suitcase.
However, if you are wearing a very delicate and important suit or item of clothing and you are traveling by car or in a transport that allows it, it is better to bring a suit bag, so you can make sure that it will arrive in perfect condition.
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Before closing the suitcase, review that all your check list is crossed out and that you don't leave anything important at home. double check just in case, once you leave home there will be no going back.
Keep in mind before closing the suitcase that you must leave out the things you need to have at hand (passport, wallet, keys,...) and electronic items and their accessories (computer, chargers, helmets,...) to carry them in the carry-on bag.
Zara Home
You are ready to travel, but if you want to enjoy it to the fullest, here are some extra tips to be a true adventurer:
1-Take a sleep mask if you are one of those who stays awake easily and goes abroad. The blinds are a Spanish thing!
2-Bring your own slippers to be in the hotel or apartment, look for some for travel that do not take up any space and make you feel at home.
3-Put a long-sleeved shirt in your suitcase in case you get a bit cold at night or in the morning at the hotel or apartment. It does not occupy anything and saves you from trouble.
Now yes! You are ready to enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest, don't forget to have your suitcase ready at Nervión Plaza.


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