Like every year, we arrive at summer with the firm intention of taking care of our skin and
our hair, keeping them hydrated and protected from the sun, salt or chlorine. Do we fulfill it
this year?
From Nervión Plaza we will recommend the best products so that this summer your
skin and your hair look better than ever and, in addition, we indicate the stores in the center
commercial where you can find them. Get your perfect duo of protection and
hydration. Let's start!


1. Body Sunscreen
In both Aromas and Primor you can find a wide variety of brands and protection levels. This spray from Lancaster, with protection factor 50 and waterproof and ideal to share with the little ones in less than five seconds. Plus, it's now half price!

2. Facial Sunscreen
Just like the body, it is essential to protect the skin on our face and even more so on summer. We bring you a complete Rituals recommendation: sunscreen for the face and lip balm both SPF 30.
This facial cream contains a powerful Hydra-Boost and Vitamin E complex, as well as a Incredible aroma of white tea and lotus flower. A perfect combo for a glow-effect skin.

3. Hair protector
Did you think your hair wasn't damaged by the sun? Mistake! UVA rays make hair dry and much less elastic, breaking and leaving a dull effect.
Primor has a foolproof solution for this problem: Furterer brand sunscreen for hair. Water resistant, non-greasy and does not weigh down.


We already have our sunscreens. It's time to get the moisturizing products for complete care.
Here are our recommendations.
1. Hair oil
If you have not yet discovered the world of oils, summer is your time. At Aromas you can find the Moroccanoil Light Treatment, which will restore shine to your hair these summer months. It is especially aimed at dyed hair and fine hair. It is a wonder!

2. Aftersun
Even using sun protection, you must give your skin extra hydration after exposing it to the sun for a long time. For this reason, at Rituals you can find an AfterSun gel that, in addition to smelling incredible, contains aloe vera and a powerful Hydra-Boost complex to refresh the skin and keep it hydrated.

3. Facial moisturizer
Don't want to have a greasy feeling on your face after applying cream? This CeraVe cream that you can find in Primor offers intense hydration without leaving a greasy sensation, ideal for dry skin. Additionally, it contains hyaluronic acid that helps retain moisture and strengthen the skin's protective barrier.

Now, your skin is ready to last the entire summer. Will you tell us in September how it went?
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