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For many, the arrival of the month of September is full of new beginnings and resolutions, almost like January 1st. The return to the routine is the ideal opportunity to organize the home, the closet and leave everything tidy to go stomping on the "back to school".
From Nervión Plaza we give you the strength and motivation you need with the following tricks that make the turn less turn
The route begins at the hairdresser's, during the summer the hair suffers and is usually quite damaged. Visit Jean Louis David and cut the ends a bit so that your hair regains all its strength, take the opportunity to do a hydration treatment and have your experts recommend a mask to continue treating it throughout the course.
It is a reality that to work we use a larger bag and that allows us to store everything we need from the laptop to the bottle of water, the so-called shopper. The second stop is to visit Paco Martínez, Misako or Parfois and choose your bag shopper ideal that best suits you and your needs.

Misako Parfois Paco Martinez
Our outfits are also important, we want to feel comfortable and at the same time elegant and empowered. For this reason, the next task on this route is to find new outfits that make us feel like the boss, even if we are not. Attitude comes first.

Massimo Dutt Handle
Another essential element is a good lipstick and a heart-stopping nail polish. The first load of attitude any outfits and the second transmits elegance, well-cared hands speak without words.
For the lips, as always, it depends on each one's taste, you can use a gloss if you don't want to be too flashy but give a touch of glow to the day, a nude color to give your lips a touch of color or a red to say " Here I am!".
For the nails you can use a dark color that enhances the tan and a nail strengthener to also take care of them after the holidays.
To end a round afternoon and leave with your batteries recharged, end the route with a delicious sweet, choose your favorite from the variety that we offer you at Nervión Plaza.

Manolo Bakes McDonald's    
When are you going back to the routine? We are waiting for you to make something extraordinary out of the ordinary.
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