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The decoration of our home is very important, it is the place where we spend the most time and above all where we take refuge to rest and enjoy the tranquility. That's why in this blog post we are going to offer the definitive tricks to make decorating your house easier and more fun:
-Distribute the space:
First of all, distribute the space you are going to decorate. Know in general terms where you would like each object to be in the room.
-Choose the colors:
The time has come to make decisions: what colors do you want in your house or in your room? It is advisable to energize the space with different tones, playing with different colors in the furniture but using the same color range. This way you will give it extra harmony.
Choose the decorative style:
It is important that you choose one style or another to avoid mixing them when buying decorative elements and furniture. This way, you ensure that your house follows the same line and is ideal after the entire process.
Now it's time to do the most fun thing of all: fill your home with personality!
-Simplicity Sometimes he is the best of allies. Use more basic furniture, such as a smooth upholstered sofa or a discreet coffee table, and then fill the space with other more striking elements such as cushions, figurines, lamps or paintings.

 Natura coffee table // Zara Home sofa
-The light It will make your room bigger. If your room or living room does not have a large window, paint the ceiling and walls (at least 3) in light colors so that light is reflected and the appearance is spacious. Do not use thick and heavy curtains, better translucent and thin ones that let the light through.
-The plants They transmit well-being and make the space a more welcoming place. In addition, they help occupy spaces that, without them, would remain empty.
 Zara Home flower pot
-The shelves They are a very important element, especially if the house is small or there is a lack of space. In them we can better organize our things and, in turn, make the space aesthetic. The shape and size of the shelf will depend on each person's needs.

Natura organizing baskets // Zara Home shelving
If you want to add color use painted paper but do it only on one wall of the room. In this way we will give that special touch without giving up the luminosity we talked about previously.
Finally don't forget to follow colors that you chose at first so that the entire room has a unity that makes your house an authentic magazine home.
We are waiting for you at Nervión Plaza every day, from Monday to Sunday, until November 1! You have no excuse not to finish the decoration process in our stores.
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