The magic of Christmas begins at home, when we decorate the home to create a warm and cozy atmosphere that reminds us that it is already December. The most exciting time of the year begins!
At Nervión Plaza we show you a selection of details to decorate every corner of your house and imbue it with the Christmas spirit. You will find everything from the most classic designs to more fun ones, depending on the style you are looking for.

Garlands and balls for your Christmas tree

Did you know that in Nervión Plaza there is an Ikea pop-up store? There you will find the most classic decorations and others with a more special touch, like these wallpaper decorations that you build yourself. Nothing more “Ikea” than a DIY like this.
VINTERFINT: Christmas ornament, set of 6, red wallpaper, from IkeaLunitas, stars and camels.
If you like the golden, metallic and more classic touches of the Far East... Go to Natura for them.
Star figurine, from Natura
Broccoli, lobster, popcorn, cotton candy... if your thing is to decorate with humor and joy, go to Tiger because you will find the most unlikely and fun balls for your tree.

Christmas ball. Croissant, Lobster, Tree Car, by Flying Tiger
In Mr Wonderful you also have balls with that humorous or happy touch. “I asked you for Santa Claus”: Anything more Mr Wonderful than that phrase?
Set of 3 Christmas tree balls, from Mr Wonderful

Other decorations

At Zara Home they have beautiful decorations to transform your home into the coziest place. Their candles and Christmas lights will leave you wanting to hold a steaming mug in your hands under a soft blanket in your living room, surrounded by the warm light of these items.

Christmas gift LED light and decorative Christmas fir candle, from Zara Home
Speaking of steaming hot mugs… haven't you picked up your festive mug of Tiger yet? Run there before they run out…

Cup with hole for cookies and Cup to paint DIY, by Flying Tiger
Don't forget the Advent calendars, ideal for making the countdown to Christmas Eve more enjoyable. There are options for all tastes, such as Rituals that include daily surprises with the best cosmetic products, and they are also beautiful.

Premium Advent Calendar, by Rituals
With quality and style options in every corner of Nervión Plaza, are you ready to make your home the perfect setting for Christmas?
Visit us and get ready to experience the festive season in all its splendor!
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