Do you know the different decorative styles that exist? In this post, we immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of interior decoration, exploring various styles that will transform your home into a unique and charming space. Discover the latest trends and find your personal style with Nervión Plaza.

Minimalist style: less is more

Minimalism, native to the United States in the 1960s, remains an elegant and serene option for lovers of simplicity. In this style, the premise is "less is more." Straight lines, functional furniture and open spaces that create warm and beautiful environments. Simplify your life and home with essential elements that convey calm and modernity.
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Nordic style: Scandinavian elegance in your home

Scandinavian design has found its peak in recent years, with wood as the protagonist, and furniture with straight lines and natural textiles. It has a fairly neutral color palette, made up of whites, grays and soft tones. Create cozy and functional spaces where simplicity and beauty intertwine to give life to your home.
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Classic Style: sophistication and details in abundance

High ceilings, chandeliers and luxurious textiles will transport you to an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Discover fine wood furniture and profuse details that recreate powerful environments. Live symmetry and romanticism in every corner of your home. 
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Industrial Style: creativity and innovation in your space

If you are a creative and innovative person, the industrial style is for you. You will look for materials such as iron, wood and cement, which reveal their beauty without masking. Inspired by New York artists of the 1950s, this style invites you to experiment with architecture and construction materials to create a unique and avant-garde home.
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Mediterranean style: freshness and joy at your fingertips 

This charming style is the closest to our culture. White and blue tones, handmade pieces and natural textiles define this fresh and cheerful style. Be inspired by summer, heat and the sea with handmade furniture, whitewashed walls and elements that evoke the serenity of coastal environments.
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Discover these styles and many more at Nervión Plaza. Zara Home, Natura... await you with a unique selection of decoration objects that will transform your home into a reflection of your personality and style. What type of decoration resonates most with your way of being?



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