How fast everything happens when it's going well

This year is very special for Nervión Plaza because we celebrate nothing more and nothing less than a quarter of a century. Already? Well yes. Although it has flown by, we have experienced many things together in these 25 years. Let's see…

We were born at the same time as Alejandro Sanz's “Loved Heart” and many years later we continue to lower the moon so that we can play. We open our doors at the same time as the first result of Google, which also celebrates its 25th anniversary. We accompany Harry Potter as he enters Hogwarts, of which 21.25 years have already passed, living springs of flowers, hot summers, going back to school with the fall of the leaves and winters at Santa Claus's house, in which the joy of Christmas has filled every corner of our Shopping Center.

Because two and a half decades go a long way. We have seen you exchange pesetas for euros and learn that music is no longer stored on CDs but in a cloud, and we continue to be in the cloud. Many of you learned to ice skate with us or had your first date here with who is still the love of your life today. We enter the new century and millennium hand in hand! And we did it with a smile, the same one we get every time one of our teams has won a trophy and you have come here to celebrate.

25 years have already passed. The best? The next 25.

How fast everything happens, when it happens well.

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