The consequences of the forest fires in Nervión Plaza

On the occasion of Environment Day and in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we have created an exhibition focusing attention on forest fires and their consequences.

On our ground floor, next to Zara, we will recreate a small forest affected by a fire, a fact that unfortunately is all too common, especially in the summer months. 

The artist Pablo Cross, a specialist in raising awareness through his works of the importance of looking after nature and protecting natural resources, has created sculptures in the shape of charred trees that represent the consequences of these catastrophes, recreating the reality of these forests. 

Next to each sculpture you will be able to find a QR code that will transport you to zone 0, the real place where the forest fire took place, specifically the fire that occurred in Almonte last summer 2022. With each scan of the QR code we will donate €1 to WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature, to help reverse the situation of burned forests.

At Nervión Plaza we are committed to the future.

Greener, more future and you, which side are you on?

Date: from June 9 to 30

Location: ground floor, next to Zara.

Know the Legal Bases of this action in the following link: https://nervionplaza.com/bases-legales/bbll-exposicion-rsc/

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