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Father's Day at Nervión Plaza

Every year, with Father's Day, comes the search for last-minute gifts that our “dads” can surprise. Also every year, it is done

And how are you? Ask cure

You are going to enter Álex's room, he is a boy your age, he has not been feeling well for some time but he is not

The 5 makeup trends in Nervión Plaza

1.Makeup No Makeup Look: natural effect on the skin It is the favorite makeup of those who do not like to wear a lot of makeup or dark colors or

I give you my heart

"I give you my heart", a short film created on the eve of World Organ Transplant Day, February 27, with the aim of raising awareness among

Seasonal shoes in Nervión Plaza

With the end of winter and the arrival of spring temperatures, new seasons and fashion trends also arrive for these dates. This

Celebrate Easter Flower Day

Next Tuesday, December 12, is the day of the Easter Flower, that flower that decorates all our houses on these very dates.

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